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David Pool Antiques

P.O. Box 164

Ben Lomond, California 95005

United States





David Pool grew up in the family business of antiques and in 1976 he established David Pool Antiques. He has done many of the top shows on the east coast and midwest and shows in both northern and southern California. Above all, he has endeavored to educate customers about all aspects of the history of antiques, social and technical. He has tried to pass on a passion for the subject matter passed on to him.


Ellen Pool started her career in 1973 as a fabric designer for swimwear working with all manufacturers. She began collecting early american antiques in 1984. She has been an avid collector of antique Christmas ornaments for many years and has an extensive library on the subject. She is also a member of the worldwide Christmas club, "The Golden Glow of Christmas Past."